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Sword Art Online Figures

Another of our top anime figure franchises is the sci-fi adventure series Sword Art Online which started out as a run of light novels written by Reki Kawahara and was first published in 2009. The light stories inspired a spin-off manga and an anime that aired in 2012. The light books have sold over 20 million copies. As well as being a popular book series and anime program, Sword Art Online also is a top-rated video game, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online RPG featuring players who must control their avatars by using their bodies along with a piece of technology called: Nerve Gear. In a cruel twist, players discover they cannot exit the game, as the game creator sets a task of reaching the 100th floor of the game’s tower and defeat the final boss, or they will be held captive. Sword Art Online is generally considered one of the most popular MMORPGs. If you are looking to purchase any Sword Art Figure, then we recommend Solaris Japan 🙂

Sword Art Online now has several seasons to its name and follows a boy named Kirito who, along with thousands of other gamers, find themselves trapped in a virtual reality video game. When the gamers bodies, hooked up to the virtual reality software, die in the video game world, their bodies, connected to the equipment, would die as well. As well as banding together to defeat the level of the final game to escape Kirito and his guild also learn there is more behind their imprisonment than they were initially told. As Kirito begins his journey to beat the game independently, taking over two years to progress through the game, he befriends a female player, Asuna, with whom he falls in love. The pair work together in the game to find and confront the avatar of SAO’s creator, their mission to free themselves and all the other players from the game while also uncovering a deep conspiracy along the way.

Here we take a look at the highlights of the series of Sword Art Online to date.

In the first episode, Kirito first logs in to the beta version of the game to become a beta-tester befriending a novice player named Klein to teach the basics of the game. After teaching Klein a few moves, including how to defeat a Boar, they both discover that they cannot log out of the game to their horror. The game creator announces his evil plan to remove the option to log out and that if the player VR Headsets are removed or their health in the game falls below zero, they will die. During the 25 episodes of the series, the Moonlit Black Cats work their way through the game’s levels, joined by a mysterious young girl named Asuna and a fellow beta-tester called Diavel. While trying to defeat each level, big boss, in many battles, the game’s characters join the fight and also leave paying the ultimate price.

Sword Art Online Characters

There are many shapes and sizes of Sword Art Online anime figures being manufactured by major companies such as FREEing, Kotobukiya, and Max Factory. Produced to high quality, the figures are all pre-painted with additional accessories in the box. The majority of figures that we review stay true to the original characters costumes worn in the shows. Sometimes we will review figures with more alternate outfits such as swimwear and kimonos.

sword art kirito


The strongest warrior both in and outside the game, which he proved by fighting with one sword and almost beating Yuuki, without the time limit, he would have beaten her. Kirito is the lead male character in Sword Art Online, joining the game to escape reality and fight boredom. Kirito started as a super confident beta tester, happy that he would not find any problem playing the game. Kirito worked hard, working through the levels, clearing one dungeon after another. As the level of difficulty increased, he decided that operating alone is far too dangerous, so he decided to team up with Asuna. Subsequently, he fell in love with the pretty lady warrior harnessing his feelings for her encouraged him even more to complete the game and save Asuna.

asuna figure

Yuuki Asuna

Asuna is the main female protagonist throughout the series. Incredible sword skills, intelligence and willpower, along with powerful magic and confidence, make her one of our favourite Sword Art Online characters. Even though Asuna had the option to stay far from danger, she used all her courage to help in beating the game. Such bravery from someone with no experience in online gaming is quite rare. Asuna grew strong and eventually became the top guild’s vice-captain using hard work and determination to finish the game.


Klein was not just Kirito’s first friend in SAO. He is the only guild leader who survived the game with the whole Fuurinkazan members. Kirito also taught him the basics in SAO, and that marked the start of their weird but true friendship. Even though Kirito decided to leave Klein and subsequently regretted it, Klein didn’t mind this and continued treating Kirito as one of the few gamers he could trust. He is always looking for friends; he can get easily hyped up and angry if danger is present. He is a strong player because he was not a novice coming into SAO, having previously played online games, surely a reason he survived. Being a good looking bachelor and always finding some time to look for love, he usually fails in a funny way.

sinon figure

Asada Sinon

Cool and Calm personality in battle, she earns respect from friends and enemies. That being said, she can display a fragile mind at times with nervousness of guns from a historical event when her mother was robbed at a post office. This fear of guns led her to play the games to relieve herself from her trauma with guns. Shino displays an uncommonly kind heart throughout the series., showing forgiveness to Shinkawa Kyouji, as well as caring for him as a friend.

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