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New Vocaloid Kagamine Len Figure

Vocaloid Kagamine Len

Another magnificent pre release figure with the new Vocaloid Kagamine Len in his Stylish Energy module outfit. He has a fantastic brightly colored school outfit which is recreated perfectly and really shows off Len. Using a combination of bright yellow, navy blue and black, Len’s outfit is stunning. Every part, from his wristbands to his slippers, have been carefully made to match. If we take a look from the back, we can see additional details, like the fantastic sound wave on his jacket and the highlighted tips in his blonde hair. Look at the high detail wrinkling of his clothes as he moves his body, it looks so realistic. Len’s outfit also adds some new accessories to the young Vocaloid’s appearance. He has a small bandage on his nose (and knee!) and has two pins clipped on the bangs of his hairstyle. Len’s blue eyes create such a sharp contrast to his outfit also. This Vocaloid Len figure is taken from the popular rhythm game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd.


This is a 1/7th scale statue and includes fine details of Len’s school style outfit, like his shorts and socks. The orange speakers from the game are also included to bring this fantastic figure to life. We love him and have added him to our collection.

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