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New Miles Morales Nendoroid

miles morales nendorid

Today’s impressive new anime figure is Miles Morales from Earth 1610 in his Nendoroid Spider-Man form! The DX version of Miles comes with two suits; the first is his black and red Spider-Man costume. The second suit adds a spin on his Spider-Man uniform by including his signature hoodie and shorts. This second suit consists of an entirely separate body for the look, as well as a removable hood. It’s perfect for recreating his epic leap of faith. In addition to his masked expression, Miles also includes an unmasked expression. This faceplate reveals Miles’s bright eyes and grin. It captures his drive and enthusiasm perfectly. Miles can also pose with his hood pulled up just over his face. He can also pose holding onto his mask thanks to an included part. Best of all, he comes with a web effect part so he can pose swinging around. The DX Miles Morales from Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse comes swinging in as an adorable Nendoroid! This version of the new Spider-Man includes his superhero outfit, as well as his casual look from later in the film. He comes with a masked and unmasked grinning expression. With his included mask parts, which can let you pose him partially unmasked or with mask in hand, means you can enjoy posing Miles in a number of ways. An included spider web part also lets you pose him swinging in action. Add him to your collection today.


Fans of Into the Spider-Verse can pre order this fabulous Chibi Miles! Pre-order Here with Solaris Japan.

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