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New Iron Man Nendoroid Figure

Pre-Order Now and Save 17%! Today we take a look at an exceptional Nendoroid Iron Man figure from the Avengers Endgame franchise! We’re taking a look at the DX version of the Nendoroid. Here Iron Man’s upgraded Mark LXXXV suit has been perfectly recreated in Nendoroid form and of course,…

New Vocaloid Kagamine Len Figure

Another magnificent pre release figure with the new Vocaloid Kagamine Len in his Stylish Energy module outfit. He has a fantastic brightly colored school outfit which is recreated perfectly and really shows off Len. Using a combination of bright yellow, navy blue and black, Len’s outfit is stunning. Every part,…

New Miles Morales Nendoroid

Today’s impressive new anime figure is Miles Morales from Earth 1610 in his Nendoroid Spider Man form! The DX version of Miles comes with two suits; the first is his black and red Spider Man costume. The second suit adds a spin on his Spider Man uniform by including his…

New Princess Jasmine Nendoroid

Today’s we look at a forthcoming Nendoroid, the stunning princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin (1992). All the details of Jasmine’s outfit have been perfectly recreated, from her pointed shoes to her iconic hairstyle. Jasmine comes with three different expressions as well. Her standard expression is a sweet smiling look with her…

New Mako Mankanshoku Figure

Today’s we look at the special Mako Mankanshoku from Kill la Kill! The high-energy companion of Ryuko has been transformed into an adorable figma! She’s dressed in her no-star seifuku and includes several accessories and expressions. Now, this anime figure is not released until the 31st of December but you…

New Erina Nakiri Figure!

Today’s we look at the very special new Erina Nakiri figure from the popular series Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma! She’s posed undressing as she did in the Polar Star dormitory bathroom. Her necktie is undone and hanging from her arm, while her shirt is mostly unbuttoned. Her honey blonde…

Meet our favourite Luffy and Nami figures

Here we showcase our favourite One Piece figures of characters Nami and Luffy. If you are a fan of the series, these amazingly detailed character figures from the Straw Hat Pirates are a One Piece collector’s dream. We are showcasing anime figures from the three major companies, MegaHouse, Banpresto, and…

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