New Erina Nakiri Figure!

Today’s we look at the very special new Erina Nakiri figure from the popular series Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma! She’s posed undressing as she did in the Polar Star dormitory bathroom. Her necktie is undone and hanging from her arm, while her shirt is mostly unbuttoned. Her honey blonde hair has been recreated nicely as her chunky bangs frame her face. Check out her slightly embarrassed expression along with her furrowed brow, and her mouth is pursed. You can also see the detailing of Erina’s lacy pink bra from her unbuttoned shirt. The different patterns and floral motifs are … Continue ReadingNew Erina Nakiri Figure!

Meet our favourite Luffy and Nami figures

Here we showcase our favourite One Piece figures of characters Nami and Luffy. If you are a fan of the series, these amazingly detailed character figures from the Straw Hat Pirates are a One Piece collector’s dream. We are showcasing anime figures from the three major companies, MegaHouse, Banpresto, and Bandai. The Luffy and Nami figures are typically manufactured to 1/8 scale and include interchangeable accessories. Monkey D Luffy Gear 4 Boundman | Portrait Of Pirates Gear Four figure of Luffy first seen in Chapter 784. When utilizing Gear Forth, Luffy makes use of Busoshoku Haki by coating his arms, … Continue ReadingMeet our favourite Luffy and Nami figures